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living together in harmony

The Story of Kirkby International College

Monday, 9 May 2011

 Kirkby International College is a centre of excellence for teacher education and training. The founders of Internexia College are passionate about their own learning and about promoting learning.  They moved from the UK fifteen years ago and have since been designing and developing programmes for teachers to support learners and learning in the best possible way. 

Kirkby International College’s mission is to attract capable and remarkable people to be teachers. The College’s aim is for these teachers to find the best ways possible to fascinate and inspire children to learn and to better understand our past and present in order to shape the future.

We aim to train teachers to provide learning experiences that enrich intelligence, enhance capability and promote lifelong learning.  

Kirkby International College’s approach is to bring together multiple studies – history, economics, languages, sports science, music, visual and performing arts, through the perspectives of multiple cultures into a compelling inclusive curriculum – in the spirit of One Malaysia and One World.
We aim to make these subjects available to more students than they are today.

One of our most important priorities is to explore how technology can radically change and improve the teaching our children receive. We want to build Malaysia’s own online bank of teaching and learning resources and a virtual learning environment for collaborating and sharing learning.

Kirkby International College has moved!

Kirkby International College has moved to a new green campus in Cyberjaya. At our new location we shall be able to provide campus experience of the best kind as well as online and distant learning programmes. Watch out for our exciting programmes.

Launch of teacher training and pre-university programmes

Kirkby International College plans to launch a series of teacher training programmes in 2011. We aim to offer pre-service and in-service professional programmes for teachers for local and overseas students in a variety of business models in partnership with leading local and international education faculties.

“Serving the nation”

Kirkby International College is working on an PPP (Private Public Partnership). As part of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA), Internexia is leading EPP4 – Expanding Private Teacher Training!